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Things are REALLY growing at Forest & Floral Garden Center

July 14, 2019
Things here are growing like crazy! If you haven’t done so yet, it’s a great time to get out the pruners and tame some of the wild growth. Spring blooming plants should be pruned before mid-July- this includes lilacs, azaleas, forsythia, and evergreen trees and shrubs. There are a variety of tools to make it easier, I am partial to the pruning shears with extending handles for shrub trimming.

Check trees and shrubs for any insect or disease issues. A bit of early care will make a huge difference. As soon as the spirea have finished blooming, a light pruning will encourage a new flush of color.
Hopefully your annuals and perennials are looking awesome! Remember to continue to fertilize your annuals weekly with a water soluble fertilizer to keep the blooms coming and foliage looking healthy. It is also a great time to go through and dead head any spent blossoms and trim back some of the aggressive growth that may be taking over any areas. Do a thorough check over for disease or insect issues and address them accordingly.
All tools are on sale 20% off now through July 19th!
While you are out enjoying the ever changing weather, it’s a great time to give those plants a little TLC and we've got the tools you need to get the job done! Do it now so they will continue to look great through the summer.

All disease and pest products (including Organics) are 20% off through July 19th also!
If you are unsure about what is going on with your plant, take a picture (really love those smart phones!) or bring in a sample (in a baggie please!) and we will be happy to suggest a few solutions.
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