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Top 5 Questions about Heartland Lakes

June 21, 2018
So a brand is this name and logo? A brand is not a logo. A brand is not a name. A brand is the shared system of beliefs and values that define an organization and attract others to it. Therefore, the brand for this community has been here for decades. It is just referred to in many different ways. For some this area is defined by a particular town, their favorite resort, the cabin they always stay in or their certain lake - and those all remain. We’ve simply given the area as a whole an identity that reflects our shared values and that will attract others who share those same beliefs.

Who is this brand for? This brand is for everyone who believes in the brand principles: Strong Proud People, Family & Tradition, Intentional, Access to the Outdoors and Pristine Waters.
It is for the resident who wants to ensure city planning and growth remains in line with their values. It is for businesses to attract quality talent to the area by showing them everything the community has to offer. It is for the worker who wants quality employers who care about the community to create jobs. It is for resort owners and businesses to attract more visitors in the shoulder seasons by together creating a louder voice.
It is for you and it has been created by you.

Where is the Heartland Lakes? Heartland Lakes is the area from Osage in the West to Akeley in the East, and from Itasca State Park in the North down to Menahga in the South. It includes Park Rapids, Nevis, Dorset, Lake George and everywhere in between!

What is next with Heartland Lakes? The roll out of the Heartland Lakes brand is a long term strategy that consists of multiple phases. Each phase will build on the previous as we gain buy-in, recognition and momentum. It is not a short term campaign expected to deliver overnight results..
How can I help? The first thing you can do is to follow Heartland Lakes on Facebook and Instagram at @heartlandlakes and to use the hashtag of #heartlandlakes when sharing photos.
The second thing you can do is to become a brand ambassador by telling everyone about the brand and encouraging them to watch the documentary at

Lastly, if you or your business are interested in financially supporting one of the many implementation projects, you can contact Butch De La Hunt at
Butch De La Hunt, President/CEO
(218) 732-4111
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