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Landquist Benefit

April 03, 2018

Hello Members,

We are reaching out to you on behalf of Amy Klimek who is organizing a fundraiser for the Landquist family.   As most of you know, Michael Landquist, Junior at Nevis High School, was involved in a serious car accident on Tuesday, March 20.


Information regarding this benefit is attached, please read the proposal letter and contact Amy directly if your business would like to participate. She would like responses by this Friday so advertising can be coordinated. Participation form is attached as well.


The timeline is relatively fast.  The benefit will take place on Saturday, April 28th. 


Thank you,

Nancy Lewis

Landquist Benefit


When: Saturday, April 28

Where: Nevis Community




As most of you know, Michael Landquist, Junior at Nevis High School, was involved in a serious car accident on Tuesday, March 20.  Michael’s tragedy resulted in a shattered femur, broken hip, broken humerus, broken vertebrae, and broken nose. He was airlifted to Sanford Medical Center in Fargo.  He has had two surgeries to date and has a long road to recovery ahead of him. He is expected to return home for a 4 week non-bearing weight phase of physical therapy.  Afterwards, he will begin a new physical therapy routine. We will know more about what this entails as he progresses through this next phase. There will be many more doctors visits to Fargo.  




In an effort to combine forces of all who want to be of assistance to the Landquist family, we are proposing a community “Night Out”.  We are proposing to follow the United Way Model. Local businesses will be invited to participate in a fundraiser in which your business allocates a designated amount of profit or particular sale event to a fund dedicated to medical expenses for the Landquist family.You operate your business as usual.  The only difference will be donating a portion of your earnings to the Landuist medical fund. For example, Iron Horse has pledged to donate 25% of their earnings to the Landquist medical fund.


Our fundraising group will organize publicity.  We plan on using the following platforms:

  1. Social Media (i.e. Facebook, website, etc.) This form of advertisement will include your business name and specific donation information for the event.

  2. Flyers distributed throughout the community

  3. Banners

  4. Newspaper advertisements

  5. Possible radio advertisements


We would highly encourage each business to publicize the event on your social media platforms as well.


If your business is not involved in dining, retail, or providing a service, there is also the option of providing a donation to help pay for radio/newspaper advertisements for the event.


A basketball event is also being organized at the school. The event is expected to start at 3:00.  Possible events being discussed are an alumni game, a 3-point contest, and a free throw contest. The intent is to gather our community together in celebration of Michael’s strength, courage, and to acknowledge his passion for the sport. Any funds generated will be donated to the Landquist medical fund as well. This event is still in early planning stages.  More details will be provided at a later date.




If your business is interested in participating in this event, please fill out the participation form by Friday, April 6.  All forms should be e-mailed or returned to Amy Klimek.


Amy Klimek


23797 Crow Wing Dr

Nevis, MN 56467


Funds generated will be collected from businesses no later than Friday, May 4.


Thank you for taking the time to consider participation in this event.  We are blessed to live in such a close-knit community where people are not numbers, but family.




Amy M. Klimek


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