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A & D Trash Collection Now Bonded to Work in Becker County & Offering Recycling Services

May 17, 2018
A & D Trash Collection LLC is licensed and has all required permits and bonds to collect Residential and Commercial trash in Hubbard and Becker Counties.

HUBBARD COUNTY AREAS OF SERVICE:  Park Rapids, Nevis, Akeley, Laporte, Lake George and Lake Alice.

BECKER COUNTY AREAS OF SERVICE:  Osage, Two Inlets, Savannah, Caronville, Shell Lake, Toad Lake, Wolf Lake, Green Valley, Evergreen, Sprice Grove, Runeberg.

A & D offers 64 or 96 gallon trash cans and 1 yard dumpsters.  They will supply you with the number of trash cans and dumpsters to meet your needs.  Their trash cans and dumpsters are new.  Sorry, no roll offs currently at this time.

A & D Trash Collection has valet pickup for an extra fee per month unless you with to have curbside pickup.  Curbside pickup is included in the monthly fee.  Valet pickup is in the yard and not a the curb.  Dumpsters are valet service.

Special clean ups: large amounts of trash/garbage/waste, electronics, yard waste, cars, equipment, iron, junk/junk piles, etc...
Whole houses
Barns or sheds
Abandoned properties
Spring cleaning
Moving locations

A & D Trash Collection has fully customizable services to fit your needs.  Their truck is small (similar to a delivery truck) and will not damage driveways.  They also offer weekly trash pickups, including any holiday(s).
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